OOTD: Making Neon Wearable

My co-worker often makes fun of me for wearing the craziest things. Bright colors, crop top hoodies, faux fur, neon, etc. But I think that having fun with fashion is the entire point! You’re only young once – why not wear the neon and the crazy weird stuff while you can pull it off? And then once you’re 70 years old and have lived a whole lifetime, you can still wear this stuff – your excuse at this point just being”fuck it!” See HERE and HERE.

Now, I’m not saying that you should dress ridiculously or mismatch or anything like that. But you don’t have to stick to the tried-and-true basics for fear of looking weird. Trust me, most of the people on the street are staring because they admire your bravery and confidence to wear that outfit. And the rest of them are super lame and boring and you don’t want to be their friend anyway.

Making neon wearable 1

I set out to make neon wearable, and not look like I’m attending an 80s party or a rave. This sheer neon-highlighter-yellow blouse from Fashion Rush is a good place to start! The fact that it is sheer makes it less bold and bright than if it were solid. And the loose, flouncy cut makes it cute and demure, not in-your-face.

Making neon wearable 3

I paired the blouse with this gray work skirt I got years ago at Goodwill. I added a gray spaghetti strap top from Fashion Rush underneath to merge with the skirt and to protect from the sheerness of the neon blouse.

Making neon wearable 2

Lastly, for accessories that wouldn’t overwhelm. I opted for these dull silver sandals from Forever 21 – the silver matches the gray, but it isn’t shiny silver to compete with the neon. And voila! I felt able to walk down the street, go to work, run errands and everything, all while wearing neon. #FashionWin.


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