OOTD: The Perfect Floral Dress

Target has really stepped up their fashion game in the past few years. It used to be that Target was a place you only went for your home and office necessities. Then you started getting prescriptions there. Then you started grocery shopping there. And now? No simple trip to Target is safe anymore because you could walk past the clothes, jewelry or shoes section and be immediately hooked and buy hundreds of dollars of stuff. It’s exhausting!

I was recently ambushed by this amazing floral dress in Target. Yes, ambushed. Because all I wanted was some Lean Cuisines and some shampoo but now here I am in the fitting room trying on this delightful figure-flattering dress.

Floral Target Dress 2

The young women’s section of Target is really killing it these days. I mean, this dress is perfect. A fun floral print that isn’t too girly or too old-ladylike, a figure-flattering cut with the nipped-in waist and cap sleeves, a flattering color scheme and the perfect flair. I mean, it’s literally the perfect dress. It’s conservative enough to wear to work and it’s figure-flattering enough for a young 20-something who doesn’t want to hide behind layers of clothing. And the price was right, too.

Floral Target Dress 1

After losing to Target yet again, the next issue became how to style this dress. Since the dress is pretty much done, it’s hard to add accessories without being overwhelming. That’s why I love the classic Tiffany’s heart necklace. It’s subtle but cute, and goes with just about everything.

Floral Target Dress 3

Lastly, I added brown wedges, also from Target. These wedges seal the flirty deal on the dress and also emphasize the spring/summer feel of the outfit. And that’s it! This dress is literally a one-stop shop…just like the store it came from.

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