OOTN: Bebe White Lace Dress

The Little Black Dress (LBD) is a night-out staple. But what happens when you want to deviate from the crowd a bit? No, not other dark colors like navy or maroon. Why not go white for night?

White lace dress 1

I LOVE this white lace dress from bebe. It is just so perfect in so many ways. Oh, LWD (Little White Dress), let me count the ways:

  • It’s an unexpected color
  • The fit is so flattering – it makes my waist look tiny
  • The cap sleeves are a bit covered up, but also show off tanned and toned arms
  • The length shows off legs
  • The sheer lace on the side is sexy and seductive in a subtle way. You’re showing off some skin without being flashy about it

White lace dress 2

Best of all, this dress gives an opportunity to wear different shoes out on the town. I LOVE my black suede wedges – they’re my go-to shoes. But sometimes I get tired of wearing the same old ones. These nude suede platform heels from Brash are comfortable, sexy and perfect for a LWD.

White lace dress 3

I wanted the focus to be on the dress, so I chose minimal accessories – just my standard Tiffany’s double-band ring that I wear every day, and this delicate and dainty gold Sophie Harper necklace that I discovered in one of my Rocksbox sets.

White lace dress 4

And voila! An unexpected, yet totally appropriate, outfit for a Girls? Night Out or date night.


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