OOTN: Rose Zipper Top, Jeans and Wedges

On Saturday night, Ramsay and I accidentally went to a real-life dive bar. Not a high-class, hipster dive bar with $15 cocktails like The Golden Gopher or Ham and Eggs Tavern in Downtown. These bars are commonly referred to as dive bars but in fact they are really nice and upscale.

I had only been to these kinds of LA dive bars before, though, so when I saw “Gabe’s Bar and Grill” literally a block from my apartment, I really wanted to give it a try!

Rose top, jeans, black wedges 1

I know that dive bars are not sophisticated, but all bars I’ve ever been to still have dress codes. So I threw on this sheer rose top from Fashion Rush. It’s so funky: it is sheer, zips up the front and has odd straps (halter in the front, one long strap going down the middle of the back). I then added dark-wash Forever 21 ankle jeans and my awesome new 6-inch black suede platform heels from Payless Shoesource. I felt like I was going to fit in great!

Unfortunately for me, Gabe’s is a dive bar in every sense of the word. Ramsay and I were the youngest people there by 2 decades, easily, and lacked about 80 pounds. The bar was full of guys and gals in their late 40s, early 50s with gray hair and potbellies, wearing ratty t-shirts, SHORTS, jeans, FLIP-FLOPS and even running shoes! Everyone was overweight and covered in tattoos. There was karaoke, pool tables and even an IN-HOUSE GAMBLING CARD GAME MACHINE. There were no beers on draft, just bottles, and the bar is cash only. Everyone was staring at us the whole night – and for good reason – we were looking around, taking everything in!

Rose top 2

Gabe’s is probably an awesome place for older people who like cheap beer, pool and casual atmospheres. But it was definitely not mine nor Ramsay’s scene! Sadly, I took my super-cute outfit home and hung it up – I’ll take it for a spin another night.

At least I got a cute #OOTN photo out of the experience :)


Forever 21 jeans are the best. Just $10 and such a great fit!
Forever 21 jeans are the best. Just $10 and such a great fit!

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