Shameless Foodie: Brick+Mortar

We all know that Brick+Mortar is a go-to staple for a night out on Main Street in Santa Monica. It’s got a great happy hour and a clubby vibe that young hot Westsiders flock to on weekends. However, I always forget that Brick+Mortar has an excellent boozy weekend brunch!

This weekend, one of my best friends from Rancho stayed with me in Santa Monica. She wanted to do a bottomless mimosa brunch on Sunday. My first instinct was to do the same-old, the yummy Sunny Spot in Marina del Rey/Venice. However, I remembered Brick+Mortar and thought we should give it a try.


I was pleasantly surprised. All I had heard about Brick+Mortar’s bottomless mimosa brunch was that it was crowded, with long wait times and lots of noise. Not exactly a pleasant description. However, although we did have to wait an hour and a half for our table, you’re able to start with bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys at the bar while you wait! And everyone knows that waiting is more tolerable with a drink in hand.

Sarah and I posted up at the bar – yes, the inside is crowded but we found a spot at the bar and stayed there in prime location. We made friends with the super-nice bartenders and they kept the mimosas flowing. Sometimes when you make friends with bartenders they give you all champagne and skip the orange juice, and sometimes they also buy you Jameson shots and do them with you. Am I saying this happened this time? I’ll never tell.


We got pretty tipsy and happy on our champagne and then our outside table was ready. We met some nice girls and combined tables with them. Everyone at Brick+Mortar was in a good and friendly mood (who isn’t, with bottomless bubbly?) and it was a great atmosphere.

Being full of champagne, Sarah and I split the breakfast pizza with bacon on her half and none on mine. The combination of pizza dough, mozzarella cheese and eggs doesn’t sound appetizing but it was so good and the perfect order for when your first meal of the day is more around lunchtime than breakfast time.

I had a great time here, and the food and booze was reasonably priced. I can’t wait for the next Sunday Funday.

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