Shameless Foodie: Gracias Madre

As a vegetarian, I prefer to eat anything but vegetables…super healthy, I know. So when people suggest vegetarian places, I’m usually pretty iffy, and I usually downright refuse to eat at vegan places. GIVE ME MY CHEESE PEOPLE.

However, I’ve heard soo many great things about Gracias Madre from hardcore carnivores, so I figured they must have figured out the secret to making vegan food taste good (even though Gracias Madre is brought to you from the same hippies that make Cafe Gratitude’s ? I am ____? dishes).

Gracias Madre 3

I headed here for a girls’ dinner after work one day. We sat down on the lovely patio – comfy couches, warm chairs and tables, twinkly lights, plants – the atmosphere is so amazing.

I was immediately disappointed by the bar selection. As a healthy place, they emphasize tequila (one of the purest and most natural liquors around). I do NOT drink liquor and especially not tequila. I asked for the beer list and all they have are Mexican beers – nothing dark and nothing hoppy and definitely no IPAs. Sad story.

The table started out with guacamole, but as I’m deathly allergic, I passed. However, the massive plate of green goodness looked super appetizing, and I hit up the tortilla chips in the meantime.

Gracias Madre 1

For an entree, I chose the black bean burger. This comes with a black bean patty, chipotle aioli and escabeche on a thick wheat roll (so think they stick it with a steak knife to keep it together). But the best part is the pineapple coleslaw on the side – what. This unique side dish was super delicious and fun.

I was pleasantly surprised by the black bean burger. It’s always risky to order a meat replacement at a restaurant. But Gracias Madre’s patty didn’t try to be like meat. It was just full of black beans and veggie goodness – and was very filling!

I was so full after eating, but I wished I had more room to order other dishes! I usually never turn down plantains, and here were plantains on the menu! Not to mention the other sides, like grilled street corn with chipotle aioli and pumpkin seed Parmesan, grilled asparagus with lemon aioli and garlic breadcrumbs, potato-masa gorditas and papas al horno with roasted potatoes, chipotle cashew nacho cheese and garlic. You could easily make a meal out of the sides here – however, it’ll be a pricey bill. Appetizers range between $10 – $14 and entrees between $12 – $18.

Photo courtesy Gracias Madre
Photo courtesy Gracias Madre

If you want to eat healthy but still enjoy flavor, enjoy some traditional Hispanic food or relax on a great patio in West Hollywood, I would highly recommend Gracias Madre (just maybe get a real beer at a bar before).


Disclosure: This post is not associated with Gracias Madre in any way. I received no compensation for this post.

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