Shameless Foodie: Popsalot Popcorn

A few months ago, I discovered Popsalot Popcorn at a “local LA food” blogger event I went to. After one bite of the Saigon Sunrise flavor, which is made absolutely addictive with swirls of real Vietnamese cinnamon, I was hooked.

Best mail day ever!
Best mail day ever!

I’ve always loved popcorn – but just the plain, movie theatre butter kind – not the fancy caramel, cheese or zebra kinds. Popsalot is different, though – their flavors act like accents to the popcorn rather than overwhelming the popcorn. Also, the flavors are so fun and unexpected that I couldn’t wait to try them all.

So many flavors!
So many flavors!

The Honolulu Aloha popcorn is made with caramel, Macadamia nut butter and whole Macademia nuts. “Southern Surprise” features homemade pecan butter, whole pecans and caramel. And the Brazilian Samba flavor is the same thing, but with cashews instead of pecans or Macadamia nuts. There are even more flavors available but these are all I could get through without gaining 5 pounds at once!

Merry Christmas to me
Merry Christmas to me

What is neat about Popsalot is that the popcorn is all handmade – very rare in today’s world of factories and chains! Each flavor includes ┬░Clandestine Caramel, which is a sauce made from homemade nutty caramels, as well as homemade nut butter. The finished sauce is then poured over popcorn and then baked in ovens. I’m literally drooling writing this. The end result is way better than the pre-made stuff you find in see-through plastic bags at the gas station.

Omg omg what's in the box??
Omg omg what’s in the box??

I like Popsalot because it’s so rich – you can really taste the flavor in every bite. That prevents me from binge-eating it like I do most chips and processed snacks! I feel like I would get sick doing this with Popsalot. Instead, I eat small amounts at a time and slowly savor it.

You can order Popsalot Popcorn online or use the Flavor Locator to find a store near you that carries it.

Feeling loved <3 I love supporting companies that have such a wonderful human touch!
Feeling loved – I love supporting companies that have such a wonderful human touch!

I received a box of free Popsalot Popcorn and a lovely Christmas card from the wonderful makers of Popsalot! But all opinions are my own.

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