Shameless Foodie: Saddle Ranch

Trying new bars and restaurants is lots of fun – new, trendy places are constantly popping up in LA. But it’s true that the classics are classic for a reason. After all, where would you find a good time on a Monday night? Certainly not a trendy new restaurant or a gastropub. To rage on a weeknight, you go to…Saddle Ranch.

The original Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood is not only famous (infamous?) from its very own VH1 show, it is just plain fun. The people are fun, drinks are strong, the food is gigantic and fatty, no one dresses up, getting drunk and riding a bull is encouraged and not frowned upon, there’s cheap valet parking, it’s just a good time all around. And even on a Monday the bar and booths (and bull) are packed.

Saddle Ranch Me and Cindy

Saddle Ranch is also a great place to go when you are craving ridiculously fatty, horrible for you, incredibly greasy bar food. No one beats their quesadillas, which are the size of a toddler and stuffed with a pound of cheese. They also have nachos in ridiculous sizes, jalapeno mac and cheese, baby back ribs, onion rings, spinach and artichoke dip, chili and more. It is all guaranteed to kill you but you will enjoy every bite of it along the way.

Saddle Ranch Quesadilla

They even have brunch EVERY SINGLE DAY until 3 p.m., with bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys for only $10.99. I think that will be my next Saddle Ranch adventure!


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