Shameless Foodie: Stone Brewing Company

I’m a craft beer snob, and Stone IPA is one of my favorite brews. Despite that, I’ve never made it down to their main headquarters for some tastings and a tour, despite it being so close in Escondido!

I’ve been to their “Liberty Station” outpost in Point Loma, but this was back in the day, when I was more interested in the delicious vegetarian Shepherd’s pie they were serving up than in the beer.

This time, I did it right. My boyfriend and I met some friends for lunch and beer. The macaroni and cheese with broccoli was amazing – what’s better than the combination of broccoli and cheese, after all?? And I didn’t mind sipping on some Stone Tangerine Express IPA with my meal.

Tasting barley at the start of the tour

Next, we took a tour. A guided tour of the brewery only costs $3, and it comes with a souvenir tasting glass you get to keep! And it gets better – they even FILL that souvenir tasting glass FOUR TIMES after the main tour, so you get to try different brews!

Stone is basically a beer lover’s paradise. And because the tour and beer is so cheap, they will get you in the gift store, where I brought home an awesome Stone IPA glass.

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