Week of Health: Aestus

Day 3 of the Week of Health is about healthy eating. I’m a big proponent of enjoying life and moderation, so my healthy food isn’t as healthy as you can get. I still like salt, sauces and some butter and oil. I feel like if you’re eating clean, it’s ok to have salt and some fat!

One place I like to go to eat fresh is Aestus in Downtown Santa Monica. This relatively new restaurant serves a super-small menu of farm-to-table dishes ranging from burrata to pork rilettes, marinated olives, smoked trout, parsnip soup, grass-fed cheeseburgers, squid ink capellini, vegetables and charcuterie. They also have salads with interesting additions like cauliflower, beans and pecans.

2016-01-20 13.12.03

At a company holiday lunch, I ordered the Brussels sprouts and the wedge fries. The Brussels sprouts come piping hot in a skillet with a sweet & sour glaze. I love Brussels sprouts, and have generally never met a Brussels sprout I didn’t enjoy, but this one was especially delicious. And the portion size was huge, so I ate my veggies and got super full.

The wedge fries come with a chive creme fraiche dipping sauce which was absolutely to die for. I wish I had buckets of this sauce. But then that would defeat the purpose of eating healthy. The potatoes were cooked well – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I’m drooling just writing this post. This meal of giant proportions will set you back only $12 at lunch and you’ll be full all day.

2016-01-20 13.12.24

There are plenty of healthy options for dining that aren’t as obvious, such as at a restaurant like Aestus. There’s no need to blow your money on boring and over-priced Whole Foods every day when there are great restaurants down the street serving yummy veggies, carbs and proteins.

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