Week of Health: The Scent of Relaxation

I hope you enjoyed my Week of Health! From cute workout outfits to great places to eat healthy that don’t taste like deprivation, being healthy is all about enjoying yourself. One crucial part of taking care of yourself is relaxing. If you, reader, are anything like me, you’ve got work, school, friends, financial responsibilities, family, dating, hobbies, travel and who knows what else going on. Living a busy life is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but it’s also important to take a minute and relax and recharge.

This weekend, I took some alone “me” time, something I rarely do. I stayed in bed and did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Which pretty much meant alternating napping and reading. But those kinds of days/weekends are essential now and then.

2016-01-24 16.04.29

Something that always helps me relax and enjoy myself at home is burning a nicely scented candle. Filling your home with a pleasant smell is a great way to focus on being present. I’m usually running in and out of my apartment, going from one agenda item to another. So candles help me have a sense of permanence (I lit a match and am burning a candle for at least a few minutes because I cannot leave my home with a burning candle). They also make my time at home feel more special.

My current favorite candle is my Rx Los Angeles Homme candle. Rx Candles was created by two local sisters and named “Rx Candles” to be a cure for cubicle fever. After a Kickstarter campaign, they’re now growing bigger. I first heard about Rx Candles at a client’s holiday event, in which local small businesses were carefully curated to showcase and sell their wares to party attendees.

2016-01-24 16.04.51

Anyone who knows me knows that I love “manly” smells. My car, Walter, has a cologne-scented air freshener. So this “Homme” scent caught my eye and I had to smell it. Naturally, the wood, musk, amber and herbs make it my favorite candle ever.

Their other scents include Aspen, Fresh Fig, Bora Bora, Hyde, Lavender, Oakberry, White Tea, White Sandalwood and Wild Grapefruit.

Beyond the scent, Rx Candles are handmade by the two founders, with 100% soy wax not tested on animals. So they have a philosophy I can really get behind! Plus, Angelenos should support other Angelenos in business.

You can find them at the Melrose Trading Post on Sundays, or shop online at RxCandles.com.


Disclosure: This post is not associated with Rx Candles. I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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