Week of Health: Show Me Your Moves

This week, I’m kicking off a“Week of Health”. It’s January, the month where everyone starts thinking about their goals for the new year. Often this includes a New Year’s Resolution of either getting in shape or losing weight. However, don’t be one of those people who signs up for an expensive gym membership on January 1, hits the gym for a few weeks and then lapses back into a sedentary routine by February. True, lasting change happens over time, and is a marathon, not a sprint, so to speak in fitness terms.

A reformed health nut, I used to work out three hours a day six days a week. Yes, you heard that right. As a college student with night classes, I’d hit the gym between 1-4 a.m., and often adding in a 7 a.m. spin class before going to bed at sunrise. Now that I’m in the real world, I simply cannot keep up with this level of exercise. Two hours of cardio and one hour of abs a day? What? On 4 hours of sleep? Simply not possible.

Unfortunately, I’ve always been a “go big or go home” kind of person, which often works to my detriment. I’m the kind of person who thinks that three hours is a workout, and anything less is “half-assing” it or being a wimp. So, rather than work out for 30 minutes or an hour a few days a week, which is much more realistic given my busy schedule, I simply find it better to do nothing at all. Zero minutes is better than half-assing three hours, right?

NO! Absolutely not! However, this is a mentality I’ve struggled with my whole life, a philosophy of extremes. Eat healthy or eat a whole pizza. Finish a project or never start it at all. It’s not realistic and frankly it’s hurting my health.

As I’m about to enter my 25th year of life, I’ve made a commitment to myself and my cholesterol level to get it in gear. If I’m going to live another 75 years, I need to make some changes.


So this Week of Health is dedicated to everyone like me, who wants to have a super-fun life that includes pizza and beer and too-late nights, but also wants to live to be old and healthy. I’m starting off the week with some cute athleisure-inspired outfits so that you don’t hate going to the gym and continuing with healthy food and relaxation. Who’s with me to #GetItInGear2016?

2015-12-03 15.48.24

This outfit is great for the gym and the streets. This super-soft gray tank top is from H&M’s Basics collection. That means items are 2 for $10, so stocking up on workout shirts will not break the bank.

2015-12-03 15.47.41

I’m absolutely obsessed with these gray/black/glitter/zipper/idk pants from H&M as well. They are so weird. I’m not really positive how to describe them. All I know is that they are so comfortable, so flattering (they show off my big booty) and embody the fashion trend of athleisure. I wear them everywhere, and I’m sure I’ll wear them even more once I get an even better figure through exercise ;)

2015-12-03 15.47.16

For kicks, there’s nothing more classic than the Adidas Superstar tennis shoes. If you’re SURE you can keep them clean (aka no hiking or anything with dirt) you can work out with them. I usually wear these shoes so I can LOOK like I work out, but I’ll be hitting the treadmill with them, and other places where I won’t scuff the perfect white.

2015-12-03 15.46.45

Lastly, for accessories. It’s a good idea to not wear jewelry to the gym, so you don’t get smacked in the face. But when you’re transitioning from the gym to the streets, jewelry comes in handy to look put-together. This Kendra Scott Mabel necklace in silver platinum drusy is dainty and delicate and doesn’t overwhelm from the rest of the outfit. This item came in one of my Rocksbox sets.


Are you with me in this Week of Health? Let me know in the comments!

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